I Am Alive and Free

“True freedom is apprehended by weaving our own story with the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection as we do in baptism. We prove our baptism good by dying to sin and living to righteousness. In the daily resolution to prove our baptism, we offer head, heart, and hands in service to the pattern and power of the cross, so that our true nature, emblematized in baptism, carried by prayer, and strengthened by the Spirit, rises like Christ walking out of the tomb triumphant.” ~Michael Bird

The Great Exchange

The death and resurrection of Jesus ended the enmity between God and humans. Today we explore how our identity is shaped by the good news that we have been ransomed, redeemed and reconciled to our Creator!

The Original Exchange

We traded being naked (But in right relationship with God), For clothed (but full of shame)

We traded perfect union with God, for separation.

We traded peace with God for fear.

We traded a “good” creation for a “cursed” ground.

 We traded life, for death.

We traded our God given identity, for a SHAME saturated soul.

But, there’s good news coming…